Human Rights Law


At Gerrand Rath Johnson we provide advocacy, representation and legal advice to both complainants and respondents in human rights proceedings under provincial and federal human rights legislation and under The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Both respondents and complainants may call on us for advice and advocacy at all stages of a human rights proceeding, including:

  • Drafting and processing of human rights complaints and other pleadings
  • Advocacy in hearings before administrative tribunals and on judicial review
  • Advocacy in appellate proceedings
  • The design, negotiation and execution of compensation and settlement packages

We also provide advice and drafting services to organizations requiring human rights and/or harassment policies, and investigation and mediation of workplace disputes.

Human Rights Law

Practicing Lawyers

Rick A. Engel
Rick A. Engel, K.C.
Andrea C. Johnson
Katarina Kostiha
Lindsay N. Hjorth